Breaking: Houston Texans Confirm In Talk To Pay $80 Million For Top Expeirienced NFL Free Agent

**Texans May Outbid Rivals for $80 Million Free Agent Patrick Peterson**

Free agent Patrick Peterson, once one of the NFL’s top cornerbacks, finds himself at a career crossroads. Drafted fifth overall in 2011, Peterson was a dominant force from 2011 to 2018, making eight consecutive Pro Bowls and earning First-Team All-Pro honors three times. However, age has caught up with him.

Peterson signed a two-year deal with the Pittsburgh Steelers last year but lasted only one season. While he started as a cornerback, he also played some safety as the season progressed. Although he prefers to stay at cornerback, he might need to adopt a hybrid role in 2024. According to Bleacher Report, Peterson’s current skills make him a great fit for the Houston Texans.

Peterson could serve as an insurance policy for C.J. Henderson and Jeff Okudah, while also providing depth at safety—a position he played for the Steelers. The Texans could benefit from his versatility, especially with Jimmie Ward’s injury history and rookie Calen Bullock needing to develop.

Shifting positions late in a career is challenging but not unprecedented. Charles Woodson, for example, extended his career by moving to safety. While Peterson can still play cornerback adequately, embracing a dual role could be beneficial as he ages.

The Texans are interested in Peterson, but they’re not alone. Given the scarcity of quality defensive backs, Peterson is likely to attract interest from multiple teams, whether as a safety, cornerback, or a hybrid of both.

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