ESPN Report: Former Top Experienced Philadelphia 76ers Star Confirm He Wants To Return To Sixers

The 76ers seek to bring back free agents for the upcoming campaign.
The senior free agents that the Philadelphia 76ers plan to re-sign this offseason have been made public.

Since the majority of their players are scheduled to become free agents, the Philadelphia 76ers currently have a roster that is empty and barren. With the exception of Joel Embiid, Tyrese Maxey, Paul Reed, and a few other players who just signed conventional NBA contracts, the team’s roster for the upcoming season will probably be completely different.

Having said that, the 76ers have stated that they plan to attempt to persuade a few of their departing players to join with them again for the minimum of the upcoming campaign. And as you may have already predicted by this point, the players on their wish list are ones whose performance this season has earned them a second term with the team.

This summer, the 76ers plan to re-sign free agents.
The Philadelphia Inquirer’s Keith Pompey reports that the 76ers are keen to re-sign Kelly Oubre Jr., Kyle Lowry, and Nicolas Batum this summer in order to have an advantage in adding players to the roster surrounding their two stars.

After being moved from LA early in the season, Batum emerged as the 76ers’ go-to glue guy and connection. He had previously stated that he planned to retire following the Olympics in Paris, but since a stable position is waiting for him, a successful first season in Philadelphia might be enough to persuade him to come back.

Late in the season, Lowry—the 76ers’ main acquisition from the buyout market—proved that he still had it in him after first appearing completely worn out. Lowry still presents as a tried-and-true veteran who can start games when necessary and back up Maxey despite his advanced age and declining performance.

Last but not least, Oubre distinguished himself as a 76ers success story this year. The 28-year-old arrived in Philadelphia with the intention of turning around a once-cold market for himself. Instead, he fit in perfectly as a tertiary scoring option, taking on more challenging assignments thanks to the team’s improved defense. He was a starter at the end of the season and seemed to enjoy playing a more simplified role.

Of the three, Lowry and Batum might be considerably simpler to get. In addition to their evident good fits with the team, neither is anticipated to get a high salary in free agency, which is ideal for the 76ers’ ambitions nevertheless.

But Oubre is a different matter. Due to Philadelphia’s inherent financial constraints, another team may be able to outbid the 76ers given that the forward comfortably outplayed his deal.

These three players, in the end, really showed their value this season, and if the Philadelphia 76ers are able to keep them all, their summer will get off to an incredible start.

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