Breaking: Raiders Could Make Sense for Former $180Million Free Agent Bust

The Los Angeles Chargers’ acquisition of cornerback J.C. Jackson was one of the most well-known free agent failures in recent memory. He signed a five-year, $82.5 million contract with the team in 2022, but in the second year of the deal, he was traded to the New England Patriots after missing 12 games in the first season.

Jackson’s situation changed from being an All-Pro with 17 interceptions in two seasons to being unable to play. Notably, Tom Telesco, the general manager of the Las Vegas Raiders currently, was the one who awarded Jackson that contract.
The Raiders need a cornerback, and Telesco might be reluctant to give Jackson another opportunity. But it was Bill Belichick, who made the most of Jackson while they were both in New England, who taught defensive coordinator Patrick Graham how to coach defense.
The cornerback might perform better in Graham’s scheme. He will not come with the same price tag as he did in 2021. In addition, Jackson is only 28 years old, so if he can get back to form, he might be a long-term starter. Since he won’t be pursuing a large contract, the Raiders could easily cut him in the event that he performed poorly. The group ought to give it some thought at the very least.

Tomas Telesco Had to Issue an Apology for Signing J.C. Jackson
Convincing Telesco that a Jackson signing would be a smart idea is the Raiders’ largest obstacle. According to ESPN’s Kris Rhim, his deal with the Chargers was so poor that he was forced to apologize for the signing in front of the team’s defensive backs.
According to several club insiders, Telesco informed the group that signing Jackson was a mistake, Rhim reported in November 2023. “Given that Jackson was one of the highest-paid players on the Chargers and frequently demonstrated he wasn’t as committed as the rest of the team, he apologized for continuing to give Jackson opportunities.”
“The decision was deemed a “swing and a miss” by Telesco.

Even the most skilled general managers make mistakes when it comes to signing free agents, but they almost never have to apologize in front of a gathering of peers. That implies that Jackson’s presence damaged the group as a whole since it was so toxic. Although it’s difficult to picture Telesco being open to the idea of adding Jackson, Jack Jones was a dangerous addition that worked out the previous season. Jackson may have been humbled by the last two seasons and will be prepared for work in 2024.
There Are Fewer Dangerous Choices

Jackson is attractive since he is still a young player and, when at his best, he is a turnover generator. But he sounds like a pain in the locker room, and the Raiders, led by head coach Antonio Pierce, are all about positive vibes these days.

There are more reliable free-agent cornerback choices available with less red flags. Adoree’ Jackson, Xavien Howard, and Stephon Gilmore have all played for or against Graham in very similar systems. Being a ballhawk who is still only thirty, Howard is most likely the best choice. Despite being 33 years old, Gilmore remains among the top cornerbacks of his time. Age shouldn’t be a problem if the Raiders are only trying to rent the player for a single year.






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