Official Vegas Knights News: Just In Another Top Experienced Vegas Golden Knights Star Confirmed He Wants To Leave

**Three Reasons Why Anthony Mantha Not Returning to the Golden Knights Makes Sense**

It appears Anthony Mantha won’t be back with the Vegas Golden Knights next season, and here’s why that makes sense.

**1. Anthony Mantha Wasn’t Impressive Enough**

Anthony Mantha was acquired by the Golden Knights at the trade deadline to boost their offense, particularly their underperforming power play. Despite his promising track record with the Detroit Red Wings—where he scored 95 goals and 99 assists in six seasons, including 27 power play goals—Mantha didn’t deliver in Vegas. After joining the team on March 7, his first game saw him take two minor penalties and fail to record a shot. He only managed one goal in March, albeit with five assists, and followed up with two goals and two assists in April. However, he was a non-factor against the Dallas Stars, with no goals or assists, and was ultimately healthy-scratched after game three. This inconsistency didn’t convince the team he was worth retaining.


**2. Mantha Isn’t a Main Offseason Priority**

Given Mantha’s lackluster performance, he isn’t a priority for the Golden Knights. The team has more pressing needs, particularly with their farm system not producing many immediate options. The primary focus will be on re-signing Jonathan Marchessault, who scored 42 goals this season and earned the Conn Smythe trophy. Additionally, Vegas needs to address the departure of five forwards, all while operating within a tight budget. These urgent matters overshadow the importance of retaining Mantha.

**3. Limited Salary Cap Space**

The Golden Knights are constrained by the salary cap, with only $897,516 in non-LTIR cap space. Even though Robin Lehner’s $5 million deal offers some relief, it’s insufficient to justify keeping Mantha. The team must prioritize its limited cap space for more critical signings, particularly the popular and productive Marchessault. General manager Kelly McCrimmon faces the challenge of balancing quality and quantity within these financial constraints, making Mantha’s return financially unfeasible.

In summary, Anthony Mantha’s underwhelming performance, lower priority status, and the team’s salary cap limitations all contribute to the decision not to bring him back to the Vegas Golden Knights.

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