Sad News: Just In Another 5-Star Talented Nick Saban Favorite Star Departs Alabama Crimson Tide Football

### Five-Star Offensive Tackle Kadyn Proctor Regrets Leaving Alabama for Iowa Despite NIL Money

Kadyn Proctor regrets his decision to leave Alabama for Iowa at the end of his freshman season, a move that reflects poorly on Iowa despite the NIL money he received.

Proctor, the top-ranked offensive tackle in the 2023 college football recruiting class, started every game as a freshman for Alabama. Despite his success, he entered the transfer portal after Nick Saban’s retirement and joined Iowa in January.

Proctor’s time at Iowa was short-lived. After receiving an undisclosed amount of money from a local Iowa booster through the university’s NIL collective, he transferred back to Alabama in April following a spring break trip with his former Alabama teammates.


Reflecting on his decision, Proctor told 247 Sports he deeply regrets leaving Alabama, admitting he didn’t fully consider the advice of those around him who believed Alabama was the best place for him.

“I wasn’t really listening to them. I was set on going back home, and no one was going to change my mind,” Proctor said. Even his parents warned him, but he chose to leave anyway, eventually realizing his mistake.

Proctor’s experience in Iowa was humbling and diminished his ego. This situation casts a negative light on Iowa’s coaches, campus, city, fans, and even the booster involved.

In contrast, Alabama and its new coaching staff appear in a positive light, with Proctor even apologizing to them. Despite the offseason turmoil, Proctor is set to return to Alabama’s starting lineup due to his undeniable talent.

“I’m sorry for not hearing y’all out. I’m ready to get back and do everything for this team,” Proctor stated.

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