Breaking News: Arizona Diamondbacks Confirm The Departure Of Another Top Experienced Star

Is Jordan Montgomery the Biggest Disappointment for the Diamondbacks This Season?


Despite the Diamondbacks playing their longest game of the season, starting pitcher Jordan Montgomery had another brief outing in the series finale loss to the Giants. Has Montgomery’s signing already turned into one of the franchise’s most disappointing starting pitching acquisitions?

Analyzing the numbers from the series, it’s clear Montgomery’s performance has not met expectations. This raises concerns about the impact of his signing on the team’s overall strategy and success this season.

In addition to Montgomery’s struggles, the discussion also covers which Diamondbacks players should be heading to the All-Star game. Recognizing standout performers is crucial for the team’s morale and fan engagement, even amidst individual disappointments.

The Diamondbacks also caught a break by missing Dylan Cease in their upcoming four-game series against the Padres. Avoiding a tough pitcher like Cease provides some relief for the team, potentially giving them a better chance to secure important wins.

Overall, while Montgomery’s performance has been underwhelming, focusing on standout players and capitalizing on advantageous matchups remains essential for the Diamondbacks as they navigate the rest of the season.

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