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Rocco Baldelli Explains Twins’ Decision to Demote Edouard Julien


The Minnesota Twins’ decision to send Edouard Julien down to Triple-A St. Paul was a tough one, according to manager Rocco Baldelli. This bittersweet week saw the return of Royce Lewis to the lineup, which was a bright spot for the team, even as it coincided with a 5-1 loss in Lewis’ first game back despite his strong performance, including a solo home run.

Julien’s demotion was surprising, even though it had some justification. Although he wasn’t performing at his peak, he wasn’t the worst in the lineup and had been improving defensively. However, among the young players on the active roster, Julien was deemed the weakest, and a stint in Triple-A might benefit him.


Julien’s season has been marked by inconsistency. Despite showing potential, he led the league in non-swinging strikeouts and was hitting only .182 in his final week with the team, going 5-for-38 over the last 16 games. Baldelli acknowledged that this didn’t make the decision any easier.

Ahead of Lewis’s return, Baldelli discussed the decision, noting that while it was a difficult choice, it ultimately seemed the best one for the time. He highlighted that Julien’s demotion is a testament to the talent within the Twins’ young core. Players like Jose Miranda and Trevor Larnach, who had previously struggled, have found their stride, becoming key components of the lineup. Miranda, for instance, has significantly improved his stats from last season, and Larnach has excelled in his role.

Even Alex Kirilloff, despite battling injuries, has shown improvement. Julien’s demotion is less about his struggles and more about the impressive performances of his peers. There’s confidence that Julien will regain his form in St. Paul, further showcasing the strength of Minnesota’s youth movement.

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