Good News: Just In Seattle Seahawks Confirm Another Signing Of Another Top Experienced Star To Bolster Squad Depth Ahead Of 2024 Season

Seattle Seahawks GM Explains Reason for Sam Howell Trade


In a notable offseason move, the Seattle Seahawks traded with the Washington Commanders for quarterback Sam Howell. The Seahawks received Howell along with the 102nd and 179th picks in the 2024 NFL draft in exchange for the 78th and 152nd picks. This decision raised questions about why Seattle didn’t wait for the draft, which was rich in quarterback talent.

Appearing on “The Insiders,” Seahawks general manager John Schneider explained the rationale behind trading for Howell. Schneider noted that the team anticipated six quarterbacks being selected within the first 16 picks of the 2024 draft, leaving Seattle without a top-tier quarterback option.


Howell, who started for the Commanders last season, had a challenging year, completing 388 of 612 passes (63.4%) for 3,946 yards, with 21 touchdowns and 21 interceptions. Despite this, he is currently listed behind Geno Smith on the Seahawks’ depth chart, competing for the starting position.

Several factors influenced Seattle’s decision to trade for Howell. Firstly, the Seahawks did not have a second-round pick, limiting their ability to move up in the draft. Holding the 16th pick, their prediction proved accurate when Bo Nix was taken 12th overall by the Denver Broncos as the sixth quarterback off the board.

Additionally, Howell’s rookie contract is highly favorable, as he was a fifth-round pick in 2022 and still has two seasons left under contract for just $2.085 million. This low cost is advantageous for a backup quarterback with starting experience. The Seahawks’ strengthened offensive line could also provide Howell with better protection after being sacked 65 times last season.

Ultimately, acquiring Howell gives the Seahawks a competitive option to challenge Geno Smith for the starting quarterback role or a reliable backup with experience. The trade was cost-effective and offers the potential for Howell to become a future starter for the franchise.

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