Done Deal: Just In Vegas Golden Knights Confirm The Signing Of Another Top Experienced Star

Golden Knights Draft Controversial Prospect in NHL Mock Draft


Mock drafts are a staple of the sports community, and the latest NHL Draft simulation has the Vegas Golden Knights selecting a contentious prospect. The Golden Knights, known for stirring controversy, are predicted to pick Trevor Connelly with the 19th overall pick in this mock draft.

The Golden Knights have previously faced criticism for exploiting the LTIR rules, allowing them to maneuver around the salary cap. This tactic has drawn ire from other NHL fans, despite similar strategies being employed by teams like the Tampa Bay Lightning.

The current mock draft controversy centers around Trevor Connelly, a highly talented first-round prospect projected to be a top-six player. Teams like the Chicago Blackhawks and Anaheim Ducks might be expected to draft such a promising player. However, Connelly’s history is marred by scandals, including a Snapchat post with an inappropriate symbol and allegations of using racial slurs during a youth hockey game.


Drafting Connelly poses a significant challenge for any NHL team, including the Golden Knights. A player with a troubled past could tarnish the team’s reputation and negatively impact the league. Addressing such behaviors is crucial, and an NHL Draft pick like Connelly, who has a history of poor choices, complicates these efforts.

The offseason for the Golden Knights is already filled with issues, including contract negotiations for a key player. The selection of Connelly, facilitated by FCHockey’s NHL Mock Draft Simulator, adds another layer of complexity to their plans.

NHL Draft Simulation Overview


In this NHL Draft simulation, some picks were clear-cut, such as Macklin Celebrini going to the San Jose Sharks. Other selections, like Ivan Dedimov falling to the 12th pick, were more surprising, given his high ranking on some draft boards. Artyom Levshunov, another top prospect, went fourth in this simulation.

Trevor Connelly, despite his controversial past, is projected to go 19th overall to the Golden Knights. Connelly boasts impressive offensive skills, including speed and on-ice vision, making him a valuable asset for scoring and playmaking.

The concern, however, is whether Connelly has learned from his past mistakes or if he will continue to make poor decisions. This risk deters many NHL teams, which is why the Golden Knights are predicted to take him with the 19th pick. Notably, the Golden Knights won’t have another draft pick until the sixth round unless there are unexpected changes.

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