Breaking: Houston Texans GM Nick Caserio Confirm The 3 best trade targets to round out 2024 roster

Texans’ Top 3 Trade Targets to Finalize 2024 Roster


Defensive and Offensive Needs

The Houston Texans are in a strong position, having built a young and competitive roster with a franchise quarterback on a rookie contract. They reached the NFC Divisional Round in 2023 and are now aiming for a Super Bowl win. To achieve this, they need to address their weak pass defense, which allowed nearly 250 yards per game last season. While wide receiver isn’t a major need, adding a top-tier target for CJ Stroud would further enhance the team’s offensive potential.

Cornerbacks to Consider

**Marshon Lattimore**

Lattimore is a dominant cornerback when healthy but has struggled with injuries and carries an expensive contract. Despite these concerns, his talent makes him a valuable target for the Texans. Rumors about the Saints trading him have intensified after they drafted cornerback Kool-Aid McKinstry. If the Saints decide to move on from Lattimore due to his health issues and cap hit, the Texans could benefit from acquiring a top-tier cornerback to strengthen their secondary.

**James Bradberry**

For a safer, more affordable option, the Texans could target James Bradberry. Although past his peak, Bradberry is still a capable and intelligent player. He would cost significantly less in trade negotiations compared to Lattimore, likely requiring only a third or fourth-round pick. Bradberry would provide short-term stability to the Texans’ secondary, allowing the team to remain competitive while they maximize the advantage of having Stroud on a rookie deal.

Wide Receiver Target

**Tee Higgins**

CJ Stroud had an impressive rookie year, but he lacks a true number-one receiver. Tee Higgins, currently overshadowed by Ja’Marr Chase in Cincinnati, has expressed his desire for a trade. The Texans could capitalize on this by acquiring Higgins, who would not be prohibitively expensive. Higgins, known for his physical play and ability to win 50/50 passes, would quickly become Stroud’s favorite target and significantly boost Houston’s offense.

### Conclusion
By targeting players like Marshon Lattimore, James Bradberry, and Tee Higgins, the Texans can address their defensive weaknesses and enhance their offensive capabilities. These strategic moves would position Houston as a formidable contender for the Super Bowl, making the most of their current roster and rookie quarterback advantage.

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