Breaking News: Auburn Tigers Confirm Departure Of Super Experienced Star

Hugh Freeze is said to appreciate signal-callers, but one Auburn football quarterback was left out of the group. According to Cooper Petagna of 247Sports, the Tigers have three quarterbacks that the coaching staff supposedly likes despite having four arms in the room.

Walker White was described by Petagna as “a wild card.” “With Payton Thorne, Auburn is in a somewhat comfortable situation. They are infatuated with three guys. Walker White is a man whose physical attributes and potential are abundant. We considered him to be a raw, undeveloped prospect. He has a professional rival in Will Levis. Hugh Freeze is going to be very tempted if Auburn is able to get Walker White on the field. Hugh Freeze will have high hopes for Auburn in year two, but overall, White is a player you want to have as much experience with as possible. Freeze will manage to gain access for him. At 230 pounds, he has a large build. They are also useful in the vicinity of the goal line.

Although it’s difficult to ignore how much the coaching staff believes in Payton Thorne, who was appointed QB1 again despite the 2023 season’s disappointing results, Walker and Thorne were undoubtedly among the group that is loved; nevertheless, it’s uncertain if Hank Brown or Holden Geriner were the QBs they do like.
Hugh Freeze gives Auburn football quarterbacks Holden Geriner and Hank Brown few opportunity.

Brown uses the Music City Bowl as evidence that Freeze thinks highly of him, although in the A-Day spring game, Geriner was the one who received QB2 reps.

Having said that, Geriner has demonstrated a lack of mobility in the pocket and might not have the quickness to match SEC defenses. In spurts, Brown at least demonstrated that he can play well against a Big Ten defense in Maryland.

Freeze’s favorite list is subject to change at any time. However, Geriner seems to be peering in from the outside at this point. It remains to be seen if he makes the decision to stay on despite probably never having an easy way to get started.

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