Breaking: Proposed Trade Has Raiders Deal Star Player to Rams for 1st-Round Pick

Proposed Trade: Raiders Deal Davante Adams to Rams for 1st-Round Pick


Despite uncertainties at quarterback, the Las Vegas Raiders are determined to compete for a playoff spot in 2024. Their roster boasts high-end talent, including star wide receiver Davante Adams.

Adams’ Situation


Adams, who will turn 32 during the season, faces the typical decline in performance that comes with age for wide receivers. One major achievement missing from his career is a Super Bowl victory, which seems unlikely with the Raiders until they solidify their quarterback situation.

Trade Proposal

Gary Davenport of Bleacher Report suggested a trade that would send Adams to the Los Angeles Rams in exchange for a 2025 first-round pick. Davenport noted that this move would provide Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford with an elite trio of wide receivers. Although it would be costly, Rams GM Les Snead is known for his willingness to trade first-round picks. Managing Adams’ salary under the cap would be challenging, but teams often navigate such financial constraints.

Rams’ Playoff Potential


The Rams were a playoff team last season and won the Super Bowl three years ago. Trading for Adams would also keep him close to his family, a significant factor in his initial decision to join the Raiders.

Potential Raiders’ Trade Deadline Strategy


If the Raiders start the season poorly, GM Tom Telesco might consider trading older veterans. Analyst Albert Breer suggested that if the Raiders have a poor record by the trade deadline, they might receive offers for players like Maxx Crosby, though trading him would be less likely due to his age compared to Adams.

Raiders’ Outlook for 2024


While some media analysts doubt the Raiders’ competitiveness in 2024, there are reasons for optimism. The team finished 8-9 last season despite significant challenges, including a mid-season coaching change and using three different starting quarterbacks. With Antonio Pierce now as the full-time head coach and improvements in key positions, the Raiders are expected to be more competitive, making it less likely they will trade players like Adams.

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