Breaking: Top Experienced Cardinal Star Confirm He Wants To Join New York Yankees

The Cardinals are still having trouble reaching.500, but they are once again in the hunt for a Wild Card spot.

As of right now, we are aware that they plan to purchase at the trade deadline. Regretfully, it appears that they would prefer to just fill a hole rather than take a huge swing for a top-tier starting pitcher, which could work but won’t make them contenders for the World Series.
As you are all aware by now, Jim Bowden of The Athletic continues to seem to believe that the Cardinals will be sellers, and I lean toward agreeing with him. In the event that things do not go well for the Cards, Paul Goldschmidt is a player that may be traded. If Anthony Rizzo is unable to regain his heat, Bowden mentioned the Yankees as a possible destination for the Cardinals slugger.

Could Paul Goldschmidt be dealt by the Cardinals to the Yankees?
In the event that the Yankees are unable to get Rizzo going, is it possible that they will contact the Cardinals regarding Goldschmidt? And are the Cardinals prepared to let go of the former MVP?
Sadly, the Cardinals won’t receive a sizable return for Goldschmidt should they decide to sell him. This player is becoming older and is nearing the end of his contract. While this doesn’t rule out them getting something worthwhile in exchange for him, it does indicate that teams won’t part with their top prospects for a few games of Goldschmidt.

What might a Goldschmidt-related deal between the Cardinals and Yankees look like, should this actually happen?

It is possible that the Yankees may send one of the two pitchers who are almost Major League ready, Clayton Beeter or may Warren, to St. Louis. In the event of an injury, the Cardinals would have the option to backfill a rotation spot in the minor leagues.
The Yankees could add someone like Oswaldo Cabrera, who can play various positions but is kind of squeezed out of a role now that D.J. LeMahieu is returning off the disabled list. It might be as easy as a swap.

It might be comparable to adding another Tommy Edman to the roster with Cabrera, and it can’t hurt to have another Swiss army knife for future use alongside him and Brendan Donovan. Furthermore, he’s only 25 years old, so he can yet get better.

We’ll see whether this actually happens or what the Cardinals can acquire. You may put an end to the thought of selling if they stay in the race and surpass.500.

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