Official Mavericks News: Dallas Mavericks Confirm In Talk To Sign Top Talented Star To Bolster Squad Depth

Rumors: Mavericks Eyeing Bold Draft Night Move That Could Change Everything


The Dallas Mavericks staved off elimination on Friday by defeating the Boston Celtics 122-84. Five players scored in double digits, providing much-needed support for Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving.

Dante Exum was a standout, contributing 10 points on 57% shooting and playing crucial defense. Coach Jason Kidd might continue to give Exum significant playing time as the series progresses.

However, the highlight was rookie Dereck Lively II making his first career three-pointer during the first quarter of Game 4. Lively II had been working on his shooting in practice, and hitting his first three in the Finals was a significant milestone.

The Mavericks will now rely on players like Exum and Lively II to help them avoid elimination in their next game on Monday.


Mavericks Eyeing Bronny James with 58th Overall Pick in Draft


Regardless of the Finals outcome, there’s intriguing news regarding the Mavericks’ 58th overall pick in the NBA Draft. NBA insider Marc Stein reported that Dallas is interested in drafting Bronny James if he is still available at that spot.

The Mavericks understand that James likely won’t be on the board when they pick, but the situation could become very interesting if he slips.

This isn’t the first time Bronny has been linked to Dallas. Last month, Stephen A. Smith discussed the possibility of the Mavericks trading up to draft James, potentially stealing him from the Los Angeles Lakers. Drafting Bronny could be part of a strategy to lure LeBron James to Dallas, as LeBron has previously expressed a desire to play with his son.

LeBron’s connection to Dallas is often mentioned due to his relationships with Kyrie Irving and Luka Doncic. It was reported that Irving tried to persuade LeBron to join him and Doncic during the last offseason.

Potential Impact of Drafting Bronny James


If Bronny does fall in the draft, what could he bring to the Mavericks?

The former USC guard is still developing. In the past college season, he averaged 4.8 points and 2.8 rebounds per game. He’s a savvy guard known for attacking the rim and playing tough defense, but he has yet to fully develop. In his final college game, he scored 3 points and grabbed one rebound in 22 minutes, shooting 1-5 from the field.

He shot 26.7% from three-point range in college, making him an inconsistent shooter who can go cold at times.

Despite this, he has the potential to develop into a solid player with the Mavericks. His intangibles are promising, and his defense could become elite. Drafting Bronny would be a long-term project, and the idea of using him to attract LeBron to Dallas is intriguing.

What’s Next for the Mavericks?


Whether the Mavericks are genuinely interested in Bronny or see him as a means to attract LeBron, draft night will be pivotal.

For all the latest updates on the Dallas Mavericks, stay tuned.

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