Breaking: Bruce James Cassidy Name One Surprising Golden Knights Player That Should Be Traded

**One Surprising Golden Knights Player Who Could Be Traded**

There has been considerable talk about the Vegas Golden Knights potentially trading defenseman Shea Theodore, who will enter the final year of his contract next season with a $5.2 million cap hit. Theodore’s name has surfaced in various trade discussions, including a potential deal involving Mitch Marner. However, another defenseman, Brayden McNabb, could also be on the trading block.

Like Theodore, McNabb is also in the last year of his contract, carrying a $2.85 million cap hit next season. Both players have modified no-trade clauses, allowing them to block trades to five teams. Despite this, McNabb has not garnered as much trade attention, partly because he is five years older than Theodore and lacks Theodore’s versatility and power play contributions.


The Golden Knights are motivated to clear cap space, and Theodore’s larger contract makes him a more likely trade candidate. However, McNabb should not be overlooked as a potential trade asset. Despite being underrated, McNabb’s clutch performances, particularly in the postseason where he scored two goals and three assists in seven games, highlight his value. Known for his shot-blocking prowess (third in the NHL with 207 blocks this season) and physical play (149 hits this season), McNabb offers a pure defensive presence that could benefit teams needing more grit on their blue line.

Standing at 6’4″ and weighing 216 lbs, McNabb’s size enhances his defensive capabilities, making him a tough matchup and a strong penalty killer. His physicality and willingness to block shots make him an asset for teams looking for a robust defensive player. While Theodore’s age and versatility make him more attractive, McNabb’s defensive skills and physicality are valuable in their own right.

The Golden Knights might consider moving McNabb, especially if they cannot trade Theodore. Combining McNabb and Theodore in a trade package could involve a third team to manage salary retention, facilitating other moves for Vegas.

While trading too much defensive depth could be detrimental, McNabb’s attributes and mentorship potential for prospects like Kaeden Korczak could be invaluable. McNabb, at 33 years old with a $2.85 million cap hit, remains a player to watch on the trading block. Even though Theodore might attract more attention, McNabb’s contributions and physical presence could make him an appealing option for teams seeking to bolster their defense.

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