Official Mavericks News: Jason Kidd Dallas Confirm Leading Lakers And Knicks In The Race To Sign Top Highly Rated Star In 2024 NBA Draft

**Dallas Mavericks Eye Bronny James in 2024 NBA Draft**

The Dallas Mavericks are looking ahead to the 2024 NBA Draft, aiming to make a significant move despite having the last pick.

**Mavericks Target Bronny James**

Recent reports suggest the Mavericks are interested in drafting LeBron James’s son, Bronny James. NBA insider Marc Stein mentioned the Mavs’ interest in Bronny last weekend, while NBA Draft analyst Jonathan Givony highlighted the connection between Mavericks GM Nico Harrison and Bronny’s agent, Rich Paul.

“If the Lakers don’t take (Bronny) at 55, Dallas would take him at 58 and give him a guaranteed deal,” Paul stated.

**Strategic Move to Attract LeBron James**

Drafting Bronny could be a strategic move to entice LeBron James to join the Mavericks and play alongside his son. The potential lineup of Luka Doncic, Kyrie Irving, and LeBron James would be unprecedented. LeBron has previously expressed admiration for both Irving and Doncic, even comparing his playing style to Doncic’s.

LeBron praised Doncic, saying, “The way he plays the game reminds me of the way I play the game,” and acknowledged how he inspired Doncic, stating, “I was able to inspire a kid that wasn’t even in America.”

**Future Hall of Famers Together**

The prospect of these three future Hall of Famers playing together in Dallas has generated significant buzz. If the Mavericks can pull off this move, it could be one of the greatest free agency signings in team history, potentially achieved through a sign-and-trade deal with the Los Angeles Lakers.

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