ESPN Report : LA RAMS Confirm To Reach Agreement To Sign Another Top Experienced Star LB

**ESPN Suggests Rams Should Add Linebacker Before Training Camp**

ESPN recommends that the Los Angeles Rams sign linebacker Kwon Alexander before the start of training camp.

The Rams have a notable gap at the linebacker position heading into the summer. Ernest Jones is poised for another standout season, but the depth behind him, consisting of Christian Rozeboom and Jake Hummel, is lacking.

The Rams historically haven’t prioritized the linebacker position in their defensive strategy, as evidenced by not drafting a linebacker despite having ten picks this offseason. The signing of Bobby Wagner last year was more opportunistic than a shift in their defensive philosophy.

ESPN’s Aaron Schatz suggested the Rams should consider signing free agent linebacker Kwon Alexander. Schatz noted that while the Rams don’t heavily rely on a second off-ball linebacker, they could benefit from a veteran like Alexander.

Alexander, who played well for the Steelers last season, especially in pass coverage, could provide an upgrade over Rozeboom. Schatz also mentioned Shaquille Leonard as a potential option for the Rams if they want a high-risk, high-reward player.

Rozeboom has not been ineffective but isn’t ideal as the second linebacker behind Jones. He performed better in a smaller role during the latter half of the season, but his performance in the first nine weeks was among the lowest-rated linebackers. His coverage improved significantly towards the end of the season.

Alexander, who will be 30 this season, excelled in coverage in 2023, ranking 17th among linebackers with at least 175 coverage snaps. His reception percentage allowed was the second-best.

Despite the potential benefits, the Rams are unlikely to make such a move. Head coach Sean McVay indicated that the team’s approach this year is different from last year’s, suggesting they are content with their current roster. However, McVay did not completely rule out the possibility of future additions if a suitable opportunity arises.

If no move is made, the Rams will rely on Rozeboom to build on his strong second-half performance in a more limited role.

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