Latest Twins News: Minnesota Twins Confirm In Talk To Land Top Experienced Blue Jay Star Before Trade Deadline

Several powerhouse teams in the American League have fallen short of expectations this season. As these consistent contenders shift from buyers to sellers, which players might be available at the trade deadline?

The four teams discussed below all made the playoffs last year, with two of them competing in the ALCS. However, the 2024 season has not gone as planned, placing these teams’ front offices in a difficult position. Should they continue to buy, hoping for a second-half rally to secure a Wild Card spot? Or is it time to focus on the future by trading away key players? The right path isn’t clear, and each team has until next month to determine their strategy for the trade deadline.

**Toronto Blue Jays (35-39 record, 4.3% chance to make the postseason)**

**Current Situation:** The Blue Jays are trailing the Yankees by 15 games for first place in the AL East, making a Wild Card berth their only playoff opportunity. Currently below .500, Toronto is 5.5 games behind Kansas City for the final playoff spot. Despite being in what seemed like a strong winning period with their core players, the Blue Jays have stagnated while other AL East teams have surged ahead.

**Players to Watch:** Vladimir Guerrero Jr. is expected to be a top name at the 2024 trade deadline. Earning $19.9 million this season, he has one more year of arbitration eligibility left. With a career OPS+ of 130 and three consecutive All-Star appearances, Guerrero could significantly enhance any contender’s lineup. Toronto could either retain him for another year or trade him now while his value is high.

Yusei Kikuchi is another player to keep an eye on. In the final year of his three-year, $36 million contract, Kikuchi has been one of the AL’s most reliable starters over the past two seasons, boasting a 3.80 ERA, a 109 ERA+, and 9.5 K/9. With the Twins experiencing inconsistencies in their starting rotation, Kikuchi could provide essential depth.

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