Official Vikings News: Minnesota Vikings In Talk To Sign Another Top Talented Star

The Minnesota Vikings decided to largely hold off on adding a receiver in the summer after K.J. Osborn signed with the New England Patriots. Trent Sherfield Sr. was the lone new addition, and his primary role will likely be blocking and special teamer. The Vikings may trade for one or two receivers if they are interested, according to a piece by Alec Lewis of the Athletic, despite the fact that there haven’t been any indications indicating the team wants another receiver.

The Vikings May Add New Receivers Before the 2024 Season
Amari Cooper
Amari Cooper, the most well-known player in our analysis, has contributed significantly to every team he has played for, and this past season was no different. Last season, Cooper set career highs in receiving yards and yards per grab. The Cleveland Browns used Cooper more as a deep threat than as a middle receiver, a position he had excelled at throughout his career. His deep target and air yard totals were sixth and seventh in the NFL, respectively, and those were his best-ever marks.
Cooper might not be a good fit for the Vikings. Cooper and second-year standout Jordan Addison both filled similar roles, so this might not be the player to trade for unless Kevin O’Connell has ideas on how to use either of them differently—both players are capable of doing so. However, “3-Deep” is not remembered by any Vikings fan as a group of individuals who all had similar roles and struggled as a result. Sometimes all it takes to succeed is to assemble a talented team.
Chris Godwin

Chris Godwin, who just finished his third season with 1,000 yards, has been a dependable and consistent player for every quarterback the Buccaneers have gone through since he was drafted. Godwin, who largely worked in the slot, achieved his deepest depth of target since 2020 at nearly 10 yards per attempt—a feat that was also accomplished by Justin Jefferson and Addison. Given that he’s the ideal balance to the way the Vikings employed Addison as the deep threat last season, Godwin might flourish here if Minnesota believes that either Addison, Jefferson, or Godwin could transition to playing exclusively as an outside receiver.

Godwin would likely be the most costly player on this list at age 28, having just finished another fantastic season. Given that the Vikings will only have two draft picks in 2025, Godwin would be beyond their means. It’s the only semi-realistic alternative available, so they should pay the high price to get him.

Woods Robert
The Vikings may decide to target the next two receivers on this list as cut-down day prospects before the season begins since they are considerably more practical choices. Sean McVay and Kevin O’Connell have both spoken highly of Robert Woods. Before the season began, the Titans released him, and the Texans acquired him. Since then, he has been buried deep in the depth chart behind a loaded receiving corps that has only gotten deeper.

When Woods was at his best, he was the epitome of a third receiver. He had several years of receiving over a thousand yards with the explosive Rams attack. Though he hasn’t surpassed 600 yards in three years, he hasn’t played a major part or been in a position that is receiver-friendly in a while. In the hopes that one of Brandon Powell or Jailen Nailor would pass him during the season, Woods would be the greatest low-cost choice among the bunch if the Vikings believe Powell or Nailor cannot maintain their third-place finish.
Brown, Noah

Throughout his career, Noah Brown has mostly played in the slot and has been marginally involved in key games. After playing in Dallas for his first five seasons, he signed with the Texans in 2022 after recording a career-high 555 yards. Brown was slated to have his best year yet, but after suffering an injury in week one and losing ground to Tank Dell, he fell back on the depth chart. Brown might be the odd man out in the same situation as Robert Woods, both playing for the Texans and competing for a job on what might be the league’s most stocked receiving corps. Brown, who is little more of a wildcard and is another less expensive alternative, has the talent to contribute as a wide receiver three.

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