Deal Sealed: Just In Boston Bruins Confirm The Signing Of Another Top Experienced Star Who is Now Set To Join In July

Bruins Could Make Splash by Signing Stamkos


If the Boston Bruins aim to create a stir this offseason and address a key team need, they could make a bold move in free agency by offering a contract to Steven Stamkos. Although it may seem unlikely for Stamkos to leave the Tampa Bay Lightning, a team he has been with since 2008 and captained since 2014, his contract is set to expire soon, making him an unrestricted free agent. If this occurs, the Bruins would be wise to pursue the veteran forward, who would significantly enhance their top-six center group.

Stamkos as a Short-Term Solution

Despite the Bruins’ impressive performance last season, which surprised many after an offseason filled with key departures and budget signings, they may look to make a bigger splash this year. Stamkos, although 34 years old and not a long-term solution, could be a crucial short-term addition. The Bruins lack the draft capital to secure a top-tier center in upcoming drafts, so signing Stamkos could buy them time to develop long-term solutions.

Last season, Stamkos scored 40 goals and 81 points in 79 games, showing he still has plenty to offer. While relying on older players like Stamkos and 36-year-old captain Brad Marchand is risky, it could help maximize Marchand’s remaining years and provide a bridge for younger players like Matt Poitras to develop into top-six centers. Stamkos would also bring championship experience and leadership to the team.

Improving the Bruins’ Center Options

The Bruins need better top-six options than Pavel Zacha and Charlie Coyle, despite their commendable performances last season. Stamkos, who won 56% of his faceoffs last season, could improve the team’s faceoff win rate and overall center depth. Moving Coyle back to the third line could further strengthen the Bruins’ lineup.

Potential Free Agency Move

Whether Stamkos will become a free agent on July 1 and entertain offers from other teams is uncertain. He may explore his options but could also give the Lightning time to sort out their offseason plans before re-signing with them. However, if there’s a chance Stamkos could join the Bruins, General Manager Don Sweeney should explore the possibility. While committing significant money to an older player is risky, Stamkos could be worth the gamble, especially if it weakens the division-rival Lightning.

The Bruins have many decisions to make this offseason, but Stamkos is a player worth considering if there is mutual interest. He would quickly become a priority signing.

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