DeMeco Ryans confirm Houston Texans are missing one key asset in their passing game

The Houston Texans Are Missing One Key Asset in Their Passing Game


The Houston Texans are poised to dominate the league with a potent passing game in 2024. Widely regarded as a team to beat, their offensive prowess is a major talking point, particularly their passing game. With a dynamic quarterback in C.J. Stroud and a trio of standout receivers—Nico Collins, Stefon Diggs, and Tank Dell—the Texans have built one of the league’s most formidable passing units.

Strengths in the Passing Game

The Texans’ passing game is further bolstered by tight end Dalton Schultz and substantial depth at the receiver position, including Noah Brown, Robert Woods, John Metchie III, Xavier Hutchinson, and Ben Skowronek. Additionally, there is considerable optimism around rookie tight end Cade Stover.

The offensive line, often overlooked in discussions about the passing game, also shows promise. With Juice Scruggs and Tytus Howard expected to be healthy, and the addition of Blake Fischer, drafted in the second round of the 2024 NFL Draft, the line looks improved from last season.

Ranking and Missing Piece

Pro Football Focus ranks the Texans’ receiving corps at No. 5, highlighting their strong potential. However, the Texans are not ranked higher due to one key reason: Joe Mixon. While Mixon is a solid player, he has not been a significant threat out of the backfield. His best season as a receiver was in 2022, with over 400 receiving yards, but he only managed 800 rushing yards that year, his third-lowest yards from scrimmage season ever.


Comparison to Top Teams

When compared to top teams like the San Francisco 49ers or the Miami Dolphins, the Texans fall short in the area of pass-catching running backs. Teams ranked above the Texans on PFF’s list boast superior pass-catching and overall running backs.


Currently, Joe Mixon is considered the weakest link in the Texans’ otherwise strong offense. For the Texans to rise in rankings and outscore their opponents, they will need to maximize Mixon’s contributions or seek an upgrade at the running back position to complement their impressive passing game.

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