Latest Raiders News: Just In Las Vegas Raiders In Talk To Trade Super Experienced Star

Although the Raiders haven’t demonstrated that they are sellers in the trade market this offseason, that could easily alter once the regular season gets underway. The squad, which had an 8-9 record the previous year, should be pleased with its performance in 2024.
But if things don’t work out this season, the Raiders might think about offloading valuable players. Bryan DeArdo even predicted that the team would deal Davante Adams, a wide receiver, before the trade deadline.

DeArdo speculated in a column published on June 6 that Adams “won’t be a Raider when this year’s trade deadline comes to pass.” “After all, Adams is still a top player who can make all the difference for a playoff-bound squad. In fact, the Packers—his previous team—or the Jets—who work with Aaron Rodgers, Adams’ former quarterback in Green Bay—could be Adams’ two destinations if he is dealt. You can be confident that if the Raiders deal Adams, they will receive a hefty payout.
Despite Adams and the Raiders’ constant need to refute trade speculations, there is still conjecture that the talented wide receiver may be traded. The Raiders’ roster is youthful, and the wide receiver is 31 years old. Though it’s improbable at the moment, there may come a time when he requests to be relocated.

What Would Make Davante Adams’ Trade with the Las Vegas Raiders Necessary?
The Raiders would only trade Adams if they believed they wouldn’t be able to contend for a postseason berth in the upcoming seasons. His age will probably only make him less valuable in a trade.

In 2024, if Las Vegas has a difficult start, they might finally think about letting go of Adams. Sharp Football Analysis, however, ranks the Raiders’ schedule for this season as the 24th hardest in the NFL.
Las Vegas shouldn’t have too much trouble this season, so by the deadline of November 5, they might have a strong record. There’s also a chance that a team may provide the Raiders with an offer for Adams that they can’t reject. His cap charge rises to $44.1 million in 2025, so rather of spending that kind of money on an older wide receiver, the team could rather acquire some assets.
Davante Adams Traded by Las Vegas Raiders Is Unlikely

Even though there are a few situations in which the Raiders might think about dealing Adams, it still appears highly likely that he plays out the season. He is a key member of the offensive and the captain of the squad. A youthful offense may lack leadership if he were to go.

His contract will need to be revised by the Raiders. He cannot count $44.1 million of the upcoming season’s salary cap against them. Jakobi Meyers is already locked up for the team, and Tre Tucker might get better still. The Raiders may not need a pricey star wide receiver as much after the season.
However, the team would probably be pleased to keep him if he was open to renegotiating his deal. He’s a reliable teammate who ought to play well for a few more seasons at the very least. It is conceivable that general manager Tom Telesco would look into other options if he is unwilling to collaborate with the Raiders on the contract.


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