Breaking: Juan Soto addresses possibility of signing with New York Mets And Reveals Main Reason He Wants to Leave Yankees

**Juan Soto Discusses Possibility of Signing with New York Mets**

Despite a few recent losses, Juan Soto and the New York Yankees are dominating this season. The Yankees’ decision to acquire Soto in December has been a significant factor in their first-place standing, but Soto’s contract only extends through the current season.

Although MLB rules permit in-season contract negotiations, Soto is not planning to engage in talks as he prepares for his first experience as a free agent.


During the Subway Series at Citi Field, Soto was asked about the possibility of signing with the New York Mets, who consistently have one of the highest payrolls in baseball. Soto didn’t dismiss the idea outright.

“We will see,” Soto said when asked about a potential contract with the Mets. “In the offseason we will figure it out. I’ll let [agent Scott Boras] do his thing. We’re going to see.”

Soto intends to let his agent handle the contract negotiations, and his comments suggest he is open to both staying with the Yankees or joining the Mets.

While it’s uncertain which team Soto will play for next season, it’s clear he is poised to sign one of the largest contracts in MLB history.

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