Done Deal: Just In Auburn Tigers Win Battle Over SEC Giants To Commit Top Talented 5-Star WR

**Auburn Facing Difficulties in Recruiting 5-Star Wide Receiver**

Despite efforts from new Auburn Tigers running back Alvin Henderson, Auburn’s chances of landing 5-star wide receiver Caleb Cunningham appear slim.

Henderson has been actively trying to persuade Cunningham via social media to choose Auburn, but the Tigers’ rivals, Alabama, seem to be in the lead.

“They are number one,” Cunningham stated, according to Touchdown Alabama.

Tigers fans may find it hard to accept, but Alabama’s consistent success in sending receivers to the NFL is highly attractive to recruits. After visiting Alabama, Cunningham cited the resources, support, and coaching staff as major factors in his decision. “Bama is Bama. They made me feel like a priority, and it’s only two hours from home. It’s a great place for a wide receiver,” he said.

Seeing the 6-foot-3 Cunningham, known for his smooth route running and elite ball skills, potentially head to Alabama will be disappointing for Auburn. Scouts have been impressed with his ability to make red-zone plays, making him a highly coveted recruit.

Despite Auburn coach Freeze’s recent successful recruiting efforts, Alabama’s depth at quarterback might be too tempting for Cunningham to pass up. However, Freeze isn’t giving up. Interestingly, 4-star receiver Dillon Alfred from Mississippi recently decommitted from Ole Miss and is open to new opportunities. While he hasn’t mentioned Auburn, he is considering his options.

“I’m open to anyone right now and want to make the best decision for me,” Alfred told Chad Simmons of On3.

Cunningham’s potential commitment to Alabama could also impact Derrick Smith, a wide receiver and safety from Selma, Ala., who might reconsider his commitment to the Crimson Tide. Smith visited Auburn on June 7th and may rethink his decision if he feels overshadowed or forced to play defense full-time at Alabama.

Additionally, current Tigers wide receiver Perry Thompson previously flipped his commitment from Alabama to Auburn, inspired by the exciting project under Coach Freeze. This example shows that Auburn still has appeal for recruits.

While losing Cunningham would be a setback, Auburn remains optimistic. The high-stakes nature of college recruiting means there are always other prospects to pursue. The Tigers will continue their efforts, confident that more opportunities will arise under Coach Freeze’s leadership.

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