ESPN Sad News Report: Another Top Experienced Dolphins Star Confirm To Reject New Contract With Dophins And Confirm He Wants To Leave

**Star Quarterback Tua Tagovailoa May Seek Trade After Contract Talks Stall**

Star quarterback Tua Tagovailoa is considering seeking a trade after contract negotiations with the Miami Dolphins stalled this offseason. The Dolphins are not offering him a “market” deal comparable to those of Jared Goff and Trevor Lawrence. As a result, the two sides are far from reaching an agreement, and the longer they wait, the higher the price could go.

Dak Prescott and Jordan Love are also expected to sign new deals soon, with Lawrence and Goff’s contracts serving as benchmarks for the Dolphins, Cowboys, and Packers. However, Miami has not proposed a market-value extension for Tagovailoa, complicating negotiations. Given his injury history, it’s unlikely the Dolphins will offer him a contract similar to those of Lawrence and Goff.


Tagovailoa’s contract situation might affect his performance this season, potentially leading to a standoff with Miami. The Dolphins need to avoid this scenario, especially with Tyreek Hill’s potential departure and the team’s playoff aspirations. Tagovailoa led the NFL with 4,624 passing yards and 29 touchdown passes, so his production is not the issue—his injuries are.

**Potential Trade Fits for Tua Tagovailoa:**

**New Orleans Saints:**

Derek Carr’s future is uncertain after a poor season, and the Saints might consider tanking for a quarterback in next year’s draft. Acquiring Tagovailoa could bring new energy and attract other free agents.

**Los Angeles Chargers:**

Although it’s unlikely the Chargers will move on from Justin Herbert, Tagovailoa could be an option if Herbert’s situation doesn’t improve. Coach Jim Harbaugh’s focus on a strong running game might impact Herbert’s future with the team.

**Carolina Panthers:**

If Bryce Young doesn’t show improvement, the Panthers might consider switching quarterbacks. Tagovailoa could step in, given the Panthers’ strong supporting cast, including Diontae Johnson and Adam Thielen.

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