Latest Raiders News: Raiders Confirm Reach Mutual Agreement To Trade Away Star Team Captain Before Deadline

Raiders Expected to Trade Star Captain Before Deadline


The Las Vegas Raiders haven’t been active in the trade market this offseason, but this could change during the regular season. Following an 8-9 finish last year, the team is hopeful for improvement in 2024.

However, if the season takes a downturn, the Raiders might consider trading key players. Bryan DeArdo has even predicted the trade of wide receiver Davante Adams before the deadline.

“My guess is that Adams won’t be a Raider when this year’s trade deadline comes to pass,” DeArdo wrote on June 6. “Adams remains a high-level player who could significantly benefit a playoff-bound team. If traded, he might return to the Packers or join the Jets with Aaron Rodgers. The Raiders would receive substantial compensation for Adams.”

Despite ongoing trade rumors, Adams and the Raiders have denied any plans to move him. At 31, Adams is a seasoned player on a young team, and although he might request a trade in the future, it’s unlikely for now.

Conditions for Trading Davante Adams


The Raiders would only consider trading Adams if they don’t see themselves as playoff contenders in the near future. With his age, his trade value is expected to decline.

If the Raiders start poorly in 2024, they might contemplate trading Adams. However, with the 24th-easiest schedule in the NFL according to Sharp Football Analysis, they could have a good record by the November 5 deadline. Nevertheless, an irresistible offer from another team might prompt the Raiders to trade Adams, especially with his cap hit set to rise to $44.1 million in 2025.

Unlikelihood of Adams’ Trade


Although there are scenarios where trading Adams makes sense, it’s probable he will stay with the team for the season. As a team captain and crucial offensive player, his departure would create a leadership void.

The Raiders will need to renegotiate his contract to avoid the $44.1 million cap hit next year. With Jakobi Meyers secured and Tre Tucker improving, the need for an expensive wide receiver might diminish post-season.

If Adams agrees to a contract restructure, the team would likely keep him, valuing his contributions and leadership. However, if he is unwilling to renegotiate, general manager Tom Telesco might explore trade options.

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