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**3 Scenarios Where Stefon Diggs Could Return to the Houston Texans After 2024**

The Houston Texans’ relationship with Stefon Diggs is expected to be short-term, but there are scenarios that could see him return after 2024. Diggs, a former All-Pro with the Buffalo Bills, joined the Texans this offseason for a second-round pick. Despite having four years left on his contract, the Texans voided the final three years, making him a free agent after the 2024 season. Many assumed Diggs might re-sign on a new deal, but the Texans’ significant contract with Nico Collins suggests otherwise.

Here are three scenarios where Diggs could return to the Texans:

1. **Tank Dell’s Performance Declines:**
One reason for not expecting Diggs back is the success of Collins and Tank Dell. Dell, despite an injury, is anticipated to have a strong 2024. Re-signing Diggs could jeopardize Dell’s extension. However, if Dell doesn’t perform well in 2024, the Texans might re-sign Diggs to fill the gap left by Dell’s decreased productivity. This would lower Dell’s value, making it feasible for Diggs, Dell, and Collins to coexist financially on the same roster.


2. **Wide Receiver Market Collapse:**
Although it’s unlikely Diggs would return on a cheaper deal, the scenario could change if the wide receiver market declines. Similar to the running back market, if the perceived gap between top-tier and mid-tier receivers narrows, Diggs’ earning potential could drop. This market shift might make it possible for the Texans to re-sign him at a lower cost.

3. **C.J. Stroud Takes Less Money:**
The Texans may be unwilling to pay high salaries to Diggs, Dell, and Collins simultaneously. However, if quarterback C.J. Stroud steps in and agrees to take less money to keep his receiver corps intact, it could lead to Diggs getting a new deal. Diggs might accept a lower salary if it comes with a higher guaranteed amount, making it possible for him to stay with the Texans, provided he performs well enough to warrant retention.

While these scenarios might seem unlikely, they illustrate potential pathways for Stefon Diggs to remain with the Houston Texans beyond 2024.

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