Done Deal: Just In Atlanta Braves Confirm Major Boost With Signing Of Another Top Experienced Outfielder

**Braves Trade Proposal: Acquiring Angels Outfielder for Top Prospect**


With injuries plaguing their outfield, the Atlanta Braves may seek reinforcements by trading for Los Angeles Angels outfielder Taylor Ward, as suggested by Joel Reuter of Bleacher Report on June 27.

Reuter’s proposal involves the Braves sending their No. 4 prospect, JR Ritchie, along with right-handed pitcher Allan Winans, to the Angels in exchange for Ward.

The Braves face heightened urgency with Ronald Acuna Jr. out for the season and Michael Harris II sidelined long-term due to a hamstring strain. Ward, sporting a 116 OPS+ and 14 home runs in 76 games this year, could offer much-needed stability.

Ward, 30, had a breakout season in 2022, hitting .281 with 23 home runs in 135 games. However, his 2023 season was cut short to 97 games after a hit-by-pitch incident caused facial fractures. Despite this, he has rebounded well in 2024.

**Angels’ Decision on Trading Ward**

While Ward is an appealing trade target, the Angels might not feel pressured to move him, given his club control through 2026 and manageable $4.8 million salary. Reuter suggests that the Angels, in need of a rebuild, might consider selling high if they receive a substantial return.

**Braves’ Sacrifice: JR Ritchie**

To acquire Ward, the Braves would part with JR Ritchie, the 35th overall pick in 2022. Ritchie, described by Reuter as having “four plus pitches, good command, and remaining projection,” recently returned from Tommy John surgery. This surgery means he has limited recent innings, but he also enters a crucial development phase post-surgery at age 21.

Allan Winans, the second piece in the trade, offers immediate pitching staff support for the Angels. Despite limited success in his 37.1 Major League innings, Winans could be a valuable addition to the Angels’ rotation.

In summary, this trade proposal addresses the Braves’ urgent outfield needs by leveraging their top prospects, while the Angels receive promising young talent to aid their rebuild efforts.

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