Done Deal: Minnesota Vikings Confirm To Finally Re-Sign Top Experienced Star After Passing Physical Test

**Vikings Expected to Re-Sign Key Player Pending Physical**

The Los Angeles Rams couldn’t fully harness Cam Akers’ potential, as he consistently underperformed, and off-field issues led to his exit from the team.

Akers joined the Minnesota Vikings with high hopes but suffered a season-ending Achilles injury. Despite this setback, the Vikings are not ready to give up on the 25-year-old running back. According to insider Charley Walters, the team may re-sign Akers if he passes a physical (via The Purple Persuasion).


The Vikings improved their running back position by acquiring Aaron Jones but still need a reliable backup, especially given Jones’ injury history. This makes Akers a viable candidate.

Last season, Akers rushed for 167 yards, mostly with the Vikings. In the five games he played before his injury, he showed promise. While not as explosive as Ty Chandler, Akers is considered a more dependable RB2 option.

Akers has much to prove and could earn a more prominent role elsewhere if he performs well in Minnesota. The Vikings could secure him at a reasonable price. With Sam Darnold and J.J. McCarthy leading the offense under Kevin O’Connell, establishing a strong running game will be crucial, making this potential move a logical step for the team.

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