Latest MLB News: Atlanta Braves Confirm In Talk To Sign Top Experienced MLB Superstar To Replace Orlando Arcia Amid Injury Crisis

Braves Must Replace Orlando Arcia Before the Trade Deadline


As the trade deadline nears, the Braves’ glaring need is in the outfield. Adam Duvall struggles significantly against right-handed pitchers, while Forrest Wall, Ramon Laureano, and Brian Anderson are barely holding onto their major league careers. The return of Michael Harris II will help, but the team still needs to acquire at least one starting outfielder and another player as backup in case of injuries.

Equally concerning is the shortstop position. Anyone believing Orlando Arcia is a starting-caliber player is mistaken. Despite being named an All-Star last year, Arcia has had only one good half-season in his nine-year career. Since then, he has become the worst offensive player in baseball. After a decent start to 2024, his average has plummeted to the Mendoza Line, and he is the only qualified hitter with an on-base percentage below .250. Over the past two months, he has been hitting .166 with a wRC+ of 32, which is 68% below league average.


This is not just a slump; Arcia has never been a strong offensive player, as evidenced by his performance in the second half of last season. Starting the year with him at shortstop was a mistake. His defense, which was expected to be a strength, has only been average since April.

Replacing Arcia should have happened six months ago, but it’s still necessary now. Nacho Alvarez, promoted to Gwinnett recently, has impressed with a .358 average, nine extra-base hits, and an OPS over 1.000 in 16 games. However, rushing a 21-year-old prospect to the majors carries risks, as seen with Vaughn Grissom. If Alvarez isn’t ready, the Braves must pursue a trade for a legitimate shortstop. While trading for shortstops is rare before the deadline, the Blue Jays have players who could be significant upgrades over Arcia.

In conclusion, the Braves must address their outfield and shortstop weaknesses to bolster their roster for the remainder of the season.

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