Official Mavs News: Jason Kidd Confirm Free Agents The Dallas Mavericks Are Set To Sign Next After Securing Klay Thompson

Free Agents I Want the Dallas Mavericks to Sign Next


I’ve spent countless July 1sts anxiously refreshing Twitter, hoping the Mavericks would make a big move, often ending up frustrated. But this year feels different!

Now, I’m feeling greedy. Here are some players I’d love to see the Mavericks sign:

**Caleb Martin**: I had him on my fantasy team last year and see him as a 3-and-D player who could really help us. I’m not entirely sure if he excels at threes or defense, but I want him regardless.

**Gary Trent Jr.**: Similar to Martin, he was also on my fantasy team, and I don’t know much about him either. However, I read that it’s unlikely he’ll get the full MLE, so maybe we can sign him too.


**Buddy Hield**: There have been rumors about Buddy joining the Mavericks for years, and I think he even lives in Dallas during the offseason. Our biggest shortcoming in the finals was off-ball shooting. The player we signed earlier today is good, but I want more.

**Dennis Smith Jr.**: Bring him back. It was never Dennis’ fault that we expected him to be a star. He wasn’t, but he’s become a solid role player, especially on defense. With Derrick Jones Jr. leaving, we need someone to guard point guards. DSJ can handle that, be a third ball-handler, and bring some energy.

Can we afford any of these players? All of them? I’m not sure. But I know what I want, and I want more.

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