Latest Mavs News: Klay Thompson Finally Reveals The Reason Why He Choose Dallas Mavericks Over Lakers

Mychal Thompson expressed deep disappointment after Klay Thompson opted to join the Dallas Mavericks instead of the Los Angeles Lakers. Klay, originally from Los Angeles and a Lakers fan since childhood, saw his high school jersey retired in Orange County and his college jersey honored in Pullman, Washington. Spending 13 NBA seasons with the Golden State Warriors, Klay played a pivotal role in securing four NBA championships.

Facing free agency this week, Mychal, a former Lakers champion and current radio commentator, had hoped his son would return to his hometown team. He noted Klay’s admiration for Kobe Bryant and believed the Lakers would be a perfect fit outside of the Warriors. However, Klay’s decision became evident when he accepted a sign-and-trade deal with the Mavericks, reportedly valued at $50 million over three years.


Reports indicated the Lakers offered more years and greater financial terms, but a sign-and-trade was necessary to accommodate the deal. Mychal, appearing on Sirius XM NBA Radio’s “The Starting Lineup,” openly shared his disappointment, emphasizing his hope that Klay would eventually join the Lakers. Despite his disappointment, Mychal acknowledged Klay’s autonomy and expressed support for his decision to pursue happiness with the Mavericks.

Stephen Curry, Klay’s longtime teammate and fellow “Splash Brother,” bid farewell on Instagram Stories, expressing gratitude for their shared achievements and acknowledging Klay’s central role in transforming both the Bay Area and the game of basketball.

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