GOOD NEWS: Just In 5-star QB commit To Georgia Bulldogs

Although other elite programs have expressed interest in Georgia’s quarterback commit, the Bulldogs remain the team of choice.
While he was at USC a few weeks ago, Jared Curtis may have raised a few eyebrows, but he’s here to help bring them down.

Nothing has changed about the Georgia quarterback’s commitment to the Bulldogs since the spring. However, a few more prestigious programs are still making efforts to enroll him. USC was among those that wanted to bring Curtis to Los Angeles so he could make an offer, even though they hadn’t made one yet.

The trip didn’t surprise the Georgia coaches in the least.

“I adore Georgia. I attended USC for a few weeks ago, but I’m still a Dawg at heart. “I’m all in for Georgia,” Curtis declared to Dawgs247. “When I previously told them, they assured me it was alright. Make sure you’re still a Dawg, they advised. I’m eager to return up there since I feel like I’m locked in with them. It was enjoyable. Lincoln [Riley] and I spoke for a long time. That was great up there. Despite the bizarre weather there, I still consider myself a Dawg.
That initial travel back to Georgia following the visit to USC has already occurred. The last official visit weekend of June included a Thursday–Saturday visit by Curtis to Athens. A game of charades that his team lost was one of the weekend’s events in which he took part. He said, “Unfortunately, we lost in that, but we definitely had a good time for sure.”

The main lesson Curtis learned from the visit was from his filming session with Ryan Puglisi and Mike Bobo. The Georgia offensive coordinator and freshman quarterback spent time with the five-star recruit from Nashville Christian (Tenn.).

“Coach Bobo, Ryan Puglisi, and I reviewed some film and spent some time on the whiteboard. Curtis remarked, “Coach Bobo always tries to get me on the whiteboard.” He constantly attempts to impart a little knowledge to me. He always teaches me something new when I visit. Ryan is still working on learning the plays, making all the play calls, and understanding what to do with the ball, so it was really good. It merely illustrates to me what I’ll have to deal with when I get there.”

Curtis is scheduled to return to Georgia for the summer BBQ on July 27.
He makes an effort to spend every weekend he has off with Bobo. Georgia’s best feature is the constancy of their coaching staff.

The coaching staff’s steadiness is unquestionably important. I am aware that Coach Smart is not going anywhere. He’s locked in there, coach Bobo. Naturally, Coach Gummy plays a significant part in it,” he remarked. “Their development, I think that’ll make me a better person all-around.”

Having witnessed spring practices, Curtis is excited about the upcoming season.

“There’s no doubt about it—a national championship. Curtis stated, “They’re bringing a lot of good players, as usual, but it’s always fantastic to hear about the players’ discipline, the hard sessions they go through, and Coach Smart berating them on the microphone during practice. “I feel like they’ll win it all for sure.”

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