Latest Mavs News: Jason Kidd Confirm Three Free Agents To Sign to Fill Final Roster Spot

**3 Free Agents the Dallas Mavericks Should Consider for Their Final Roster Spot**

After acquiring Klay Thompson via sign-and-trade, sending Josh Green to the Charlotte Hornets and second-round picks to the Golden State Warriors, the Dallas Mavericks have just one roster spot left.

With new additions Naji Marshall, Quentin Grimes, and Klay Thompson, it’s crucial for the Mavericks to carefully consider who will fill this last spot. The front office, led by Nico Harrison, has done an excellent job constructing the roster, and the final signing could be pivotal in propelling the team to the top of the Western Conference.

Here are three free agents the Mavericks should consider for their final roster spot:

1. **Spencer Dinwiddie**

Despite Dinwiddie’s departure last season to the Los Angeles Lakers, he remains a viable candidate for the Mavericks. The team has shown interest in him, and he could serve as the third ball handler, providing valuable depth off the bench.

Last season, Dinwiddie averaged 10.5 points, 2.7 rebounds, and 4.7 assists per game, though his shooting percentages were subpar at 39.2 percent from the field and 33.7 percent from three. However, he has previously thrived alongside Luka Doncic, helping the team reach the Western Conference Finals in 2022. His familiarity with the Mavericks’ system and his positive influence on younger players like Jaden Hardy make him an appealing option.

2. **Marcus Morris**

The Mavericks need more depth at the forward positions, especially given Maxi Kleber’s inconsistent availability. Marcus Morris could fill this role effectively. He has been linked to Dallas recently and might join his brother Markieff Morris, who has been appreciated for his veteran leadership.

Last season with the Cleveland Cavaliers, Marcus Morris averaged 6.4 points and 2.7 rebounds per game while shooting 40.3 percent from three. His toughness, shooting, and physicality would benefit the Mavericks’ frontcourt. Additionally, if Dallas decides not to retain Markieff, Marcus would be a solid replacement, offering an upgrade on both ends of the floor.

3. **Dennis Smith Jr.**

While not officially linked to the Mavericks in rumors, Dennis Smith Jr. is a name many fans hope the team will consider. Smith could potentially be the missing piece, offering a mix of defense and playmaking off the bench.

The Mavericks need a point-of-attack defender, especially after Derrick Jones Jr. signed with the LA Clippers. Smith could fill this defensive role and provide another ball-handling option behind Doncic, Kyrie Irving, Dante Exum, and Jaden Hardy. His addition would bolster the backcourt and provide the team with a versatile guard who can impact both ends of the floor.

**Final Decision:**
The Mavericks’ final roster spot will be a significant decision for the front office. Whether they opt for a familiar face like Dinwiddie, a seasoned forward like Marcus Morris, or take a chance on Dennis Smith Jr., the right choice could enhance their chances of climbing to the top of the Western Conference.

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