Breaking News: Just In Mavericks In Talk To Sign Another Top Talented Star

A player for the Dallas Mavericks would wish to see his twin brother again.

This week, Mavericks forward Markieff Morris took to X to demand that Dallas sign his brother Marcus Morris Sr. in the open market. Marcus would be “perfect,” according to a post by Markieff.
Although Markieff is a free agent in theory as well, he has declared that he will be inking a new contract with the Mavericks.

In response, Markieff told a fan, “I’m coming back.” “I want my brother to accompany me.”

The 34-year-old Morris twins were chosen with the first and second overall picks in the 2011 NBA Draft after playing together as collegiate players at Kansas. Additionally, from 2013 to 2015, they would play together for the Phoenix Suns until Marcus was traded (to Markieff’s chagrin). Since then, the two brothers have not played for the same team.

The Mavericks made it to the NBA Finals this past season, and Markieff was a popular figure in the locker room. However, Marcus has consistently been the more effective basketball player. He is a potent one-on-one scorer who made 40.3% of his three-pointers last season. In free agency, Marcus does have some intriguing options, one of which is to sign with one of the top teams in the NBA at the moment. But after spending over ten years apart, Markieff is certain that they get back together in Dallas.

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