ESPN Sad News: Heat Veteran Reportedly Declined Contract Extension From The Team And confirm He Wants To Leave

NBA players occasionally gamble on themselves, and it doesn’t always pay off.

either because there isn’t much of a market for their services or because they don’t live up to their promise.
Interestingly, Caleb Martin may out to be one of such cases.

The veteran forward is having difficulty finding a job on the open market, according to a recent claim by Heat source Barry Jackson (via NBA Central).
He reportedly turned down a contract extension offer from the Heat earlier in the offseason because he wanted to earn about $15 million year.

Martin hasn’t found any player in the league who could make him an offer comparable to what he was going to get in Miami, and the Heat are no longer able to make him the same deal.

Martin is a proficient three-point shooter and a reliable rotational player.
He can play defense as well, and he scored a lot of points in a few games during the previous campaign.

Though the Heat have a reputation for producing players that are ideal for their system, it’s possible that other teams are hesitant to recruit more former Heat players because of their tendency to collapse as soon as they leave South Beach.

Erik Spoelstra and crew would still be happy to have Martin back because he was a big help to them.

Sadly, it appears that he may have let something go, and he will have to make do with a lower contract no matter where he plays next season.

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