GOOD NEWS: Just In Rams Re-sign Another Top Talented Star

The Los Angeles Rams have recovered admirably from a dismal 2022 campaign. In 2023, Los Angeles was able to rebuild their franchise around a number of young, promising players and a healthy Matthew Stafford. Additionally, they added several really good players this year in the NFL Draft (2024). Though it still needs work, the Rams’ secondary improved with the arrival of a well-known player.
Adam Schefter announced earlier today that the Rams and free agent John Johnson III have come to an agreement. The seasoned safety spent some time in Cleveland before making his way back to Los Angeles for his third tenure with the franchise.
Russ Yeast and Kamren Curl are the Rams’ starting safeties right now, and there isn’t much trustworthy depth behind them. Behind Russ Yeast, John Johnson III should fill in as a backup free safety. In an emergency, he could replace Kamren Curl at strong safety.

Johnson III was a member of the team from 2017 to 2020 during his initial tenure. 2018 was his greatest year ever, with 119 total tackles and four interceptions. In his first season with the Rams, Johnson III was a dependable starter; however, a shoulder injury hindered him for the 2019 campaign.

Following the 2020 season, Johnson III inked a long-term deal with the Cleveland Browns, where he played for two seasons until being released.

Last season, Johnson III was a member of the Rams, starting six of his 11 games. Since his contract was just for one year, there was no assurance that the Rams would still have him when he returned in 2024.

In Los Angeles, he narrowly missed his chance to win a Super Bowl. He will make an effort to assist the Rams in returning to the postseason and contending in the NFC, which is rather weak.


Todd Gurley’s unexpected response to missing the Rams’ Super Bowl victory is shared.
In relation to the Rams’ Super Bowl triumph, Todd Gurley is another player who just missed it.
Gurley remembered what he did in February 2022 during the Rams’ Super Bowl game.

“I attended the game.” Gurley said, “I went to the game, dawg,” during a recent 25/10 Show broadcast. “I flung my Rams shit on.” possessed my yellow, blue, and white. I wasn’t sure how I would feel coming in, but when I got there, I was happier for AD (Aaron Donald), plus Von (Miller) and Odell (Beckham Jr.), who had just won his first title.

It’s important to note that Gurley has participated in Super Bowl games in the past. In Super Bowl LIII, where the Rams lost 13-3 to the Patriots, he was the team’s top rusher. It was the sixth Super Bowl triumph for the Patriots.

Gurley made it apparent that he had no ill will toward the Rams organization.
“I went to the game and had a great time, but I would have definitely been happy to have one,” Gurley remarked. “I also stayed to see them play with their families on the field. To be honest, I was genuinely pleased with the organization, the trainers, my former teammates, and other related aspects.


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