Sad News: Just In Las Vegas Raiders Confirm Another Departure Of Top Talented Star

The departure of standout running back Josh Jacobs this summer was the biggest blow to the Las Vegas Raiders. The former top rusher in the NFL made the decision to join the Green Bay Packers on a four-year deal.

Although many fans are disappointed to see Jacobs go, in free agency, a tango requires two parties. The running back claimed he didn’t feel there was much mutual interest and that he just wanted to stay in Las Vegas.

“In the end, I desired to return,” Jacobs stated to Fox News Digital. “I wanted to go back, but when we were having negotiations, and they made their decision, it made my decision pretty easy honestly.”

It’s unlikely that Tom Telesco, the general manager of the New Raiders, was willing to match the $48 million contract the Packers were proposing because he had no history of giving running backs large salaries. Given that Jacobs hasn’t said anything positive about the franchise since departing, there do appear to be some hurt sentiments. He also made a point of mentioning how much more steady the Packers are as a team.

“I would say one of the main reasons was just the certainty of what I’m gonna get,” Jacobs stated. “There is already a great deal of organization and preparation in place. I never felt like there was any consistency there, having my fourth head coach during my tenure, this one over there [in Las Vegas].

“To be able to enter a space where you’re not trying to construct it out and figure out what works for us, or to pick up the pieces. We are really just attempting to carry out the game plan because we know what works. That, in my opinion, is the primary distinction.

His assessment that the Raiders haven’t been stable is accurate. They are unable to locate the ideal general manager or head coach, no matter what they try. With Telesco and head coach Antonio Pierce, that might be changing, but only time will tell.

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