Good News: Just In New York Yankees Confirm The Signing Of Another Top Experienced Reliever To Bolster Squad

The New York Yankees are considering acquiring two relievers from the Miami Marlins to upgrade their bullpen before the trade deadline. The Marlins, looking to rebuild their farm system, could be ideal trading partners given their current standing and the Yankees’ need for reliable left-handed relievers.

Andrew Nardi and Tanner Scott are the two pitchers in question. Scott, known for his strikeouts and inducing soft contact, has a fastball-slider combination that is effective against both right and left-handed hitters. His fastball averages 96.7 MPH, complemented by a slider with significant horizontal movement. Recently, Scott has posted impressive stats, including a 0.61 ERA in his last 29 appearances and a high Whiff Rate.


Nardi, despite a 4.86 ERA, has shown better performance than his stats suggest. Excluding his first two outings, his ERA drops to 3.41. He also boasts a fastball with good vertical life and a sweeping slider, similar to Scott. Nardi could be a valuable middle-inning reliever for the Yankees.

The Yankees’ current left-handed relievers have struggled, and adding Nardi and Scott could address this weakness. The potential trade could involve prospects like Benjamin Cowles, T.J. Rumfield, and Roc Riggio, who have shown promising performances in the minors and could benefit the Marlins.

Overall, this trade could significantly bolster the Yankees’ bullpen while aiding the Marlins’ rebuild efforts.

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