Official NBA News: Golden State Warriors Confirm To Reached Mutual Agreement To Sign $208 Million Star

**Warriors Could Trade for Potential $208 Million ‘Consolation Prize’: NBA Exec**

The Golden State Warriors are navigating their offseason, having moved on from Klay Thompson and Chris Paul while signing several free agents. Their aim is to rejuvenate the team while staying competitive around Stephen Curry in the Western Conference. As part of this strategy, they have shown strong interest in acquiring Utah Jazz’s Lauri Markkanen.

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski noted that while Utah is hesitant to trade Markkanen, they are listening to offers, particularly from teams that missed out on Mikal Bridges. Golden State is among those teams. The Athletic’s Tony Jones mentioned that the Warriors have made a significant offer for Markkanen, primarily involving draft picks.

However, Utah remains reluctant to part with Markkanen without a substantial offer. The Warriors, unwilling to trade Jonathan Kuminga, are exploring other options. A Western Conference executive suggested Brandon Ingram of the New Orleans Pelicans as a viable alternative.


Ingram, who has faced injury issues throughout his career, is available for trade. The executive highlighted the Warriors’ interest in a versatile shooter like Markkanen, noting their desire to maintain a lineup of five shooters, even with a big man. Ingram, though not a 7-footer, is a strong scorer when healthy and could be an effective addition under Steve Kerr’s coaching. The cost for acquiring Ingram would likely involve Andrew Wiggins, Moses Moody, and a first-round pick, a more manageable price than Utah’s demands for Markkanen.

Ingram, a former All-Star, has struggled with injuries, missing nearly 30% of games over the past four seasons. Despite this, his scoring ability and positional versatility make him an attractive target. He averaged 24.7 points in 2022-23 but saw a drop to 20.8 points last season. Though his 3-point shooting dipped to 35.5%, he previously shot 38.6% in his first two seasons with the Pelicans. Ingram seeks a four-year, $208 million extension, which the Pelicans are unwilling to offer. The Warriors may consider it, but first, they need to secure a trade.

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