Breaking: Top experienced 49er star Decline New Contract and request He wants to leave

Is it really possible that Brandon Aiyuk’s tenure with the 49ers will end in 2024?
Is it really possible that Brandon Aiyuk’s tenure with the 49ers will end in 2024?

According to sources, they are still at odds about a deal; he wants to stay with the 49ers, and they want to keep him for the duration of his career. Brandon Aiyuk appears to desire closer to $30 million each season, while the 49ers have offered about $26 million. They’re at a standstill as a result.

Because Aiyuk is arguably better than Amon-Ra St. Brown and the Lions recently awarded him a four-year, $120 million agreement, Aiyuk is demanding $30 million each season. However, Aiyuk has a one-year contract that the 49ers can franchise tag after, so they are not have to give him that much money.

Aiyuk may play out the last year of his rookie contract before the 49ers franchise tag and trade him the next summer if the two parties are unable to come to an agreement. It’s also feasible that by the end of the month, they’ll come to an agreement.

It would seem logical that the 49ers and Aiyuk might agree to a compromise of $28 million each season if the 49ers had offered $26 million and Aiyuk wants $30 million annually on average. All they would then need to do is calculate the amount of money they could guarantee. Aiyuk would probably accept the extension if the 49ers guaranteed about $50 million of it, given that St. Brown only received guarantees totaling less than $35 million.
It appears likely that Aiyuk will sign his extension within the next several weeks as of right now. He’ll probably continue to make fun of us on social media till then.




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