Heat’s Jimmy Butler reveals his hilarious all-time starting 5

Miami Heat star Jimmy Butler named his all-time starting lineup using a social media filter. The challenge of it is that the filter picks a basketball team at random and the point is to pick the best players from that specific organization.

While most people use the filter to pick the best squads, Butler went in a hilarious, different direction with it and purposefully left out top players. For example, the first team that was shown at random were the Golden State Warriors. Did he pick Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Wilt Chamberlain, or Chris Mullin? No, he picked Donte DiVincenzo.


Jimmy Butler : « Je crois vraiment qu'on va gagner un titre avec le Heat »  - The Free Agent

Another hilarious pick for Butler was his last when he got the Atlanta Hawks and said now-Boston Celtic Al Horford, but in an ironic tone. This emphasis on that pick most likely implies the two’s back-and-forth during the Eastern Conference Finals that garnered attention because of the use of the “time out” taunt.


Here is the full starting lineup that Butler picked in a video by Sports Illustrated:

PG: Warriors Donte DiVincenze


SG: Houston Rockets Steve Novak


SF: Detroit Pistons Kyle Singler


PF: Rockets Scott Padgett

C: Hawks Al Horford


Butler is not a stranger to being a “troll” as he especially showed during the Heat’s last media day when he came with an “emo” hairstyle. In training camp after media day, he ditched the the style completely.


The Heat and Butler will be gearing up for the opener and trying to defend their Eastern Conference title on Oct. 25 where they’ll face the Detroit Pistons. In the meantime, the team will face the Brooklyn Nets Wednesday night in their last home preseason game. Butler hasn’t played in the preseason yet due to a “dental procedure,” but is good to go for the start of the regular season.


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