Boston Celtics trade splashes looked pitch perfect in the preseason

Kristaps Porzingis and Jrue Holiday had to present themselves as the perfect fit for the Boston Celtics, and it was about more than just looking good; they needed to make it seem like adding them to the team was an obvious choice. Their performance had to be so impressive that it would make fans wonder why they hadn’t been with the team all along, to the point where they might even forget the names of current players like Marcus Smart, Robert Williams III, Malcolm Brogdon, and Grant Williams while Porzingis and Holiday were on the court.

Remarkably, they managed to do just that.

Even though they haven’t played a single minute for the Celtics in a regular-season game yet, both players have already given strong indications that a successful season lies ahead. Porzingis, in particular, has shown great promise in this regard, but it’s important to note that Holiday wasn’t brought in to be the Celtics’ primary third scoring option, which we’ll delve into later.

While the initial data looks promising, what’s the reason behind this optimism despite the fact that their performance has not officially counted yet?

How Kristaps Porzingis and Jrue Holiday have stirred up excitement for Boston Celtics

“Let’s get straight to the point. These two players have ignited fans’ enthusiasm for the season by meeting the Celtics’ original expectations when they were first acquired, to the extent that it seems like the league made a mistake. First, let’s focus on Porzingis.


Kristaps Porzingis to miss World Cup with injury | Yardbarker


It’s hard to find new words to describe Porzingis that haven’t been used before. He wasted no time in demonstrating why the Celtics were willing to make significant moves to acquire him, even if it meant parting ways with the beloved Marcus Smart.”

The Toronto Blue Jays have witnessed a series of highly skilled offensive players alongside them since they first teamed up in 2017. These players include Kyrie Irving, Kemba Walker, and Gordon Hayward, to name a few. However, Kristaps Porzingis has introduced a completely new dimension to the team. Standing at seven-foot-three, he may not possess the same agility he had during his time with the Knicks. If he did, the Celtics wouldn’t have had the opportunity to acquire him. Nevertheless, he has compensated for his reduced athleticism with an enhanced level of offensive finesse.

In just three games, Porzingis has displayed qualities that the Jays have longed for throughout their careers. While some may dismiss his performance in these early exhibitions once the official games begin, it has been a while since a new Celtic made such a positive impression so rapidly. This impression is so remarkable that the last time a new Celtic generated this level of excitement was during the era of Kevin Garnett.

And then, there’s Holiday. It is true that Holiday hasn’t burst onto the Boston scene in the same way as Porzingis, but this can be attributed to the fact that the Celtics don’t require him to do so. Instead, they are counting on him to excel in the intangible aspects of the game that may not be reflected in the box score. So far, he has demonstrated his ability to fulfill this role.

We could discuss his defense, but everybody who knows Holiday knows how good he is there and how well he will fit in with the rest of the Celtics. Whether they start together or not, Holiday and Derrick White have demonstrated that when they play together, opponents will have to break through a defensive wall between them.

“Holiday hasn’t garnered as much attention as Porzingis, mainly due to the latter’s exceptional physical attributes. Nevertheless, Holiday has demonstrated his scoring prowess, a valuable asset given the considerable focus opponents will place on Tatum, Brown, and Porzingis as they share the court with him.”

In 2018, Matt Moore referred to Holiday as “the Al Horford of point guards.” If you liked the Al Horford era, which you should have, you’ll like the Jrue Holiday era. One more thing. Does Holiday’s habit of occasionally jacking up an ill-advised three with his hand in his face remind you of anyone? (0:35 mark)

At some stage, the initial excitement will fade away. If the Boston Celtics continue to perform well, both Porzingis and Holiday will face intense scrutiny. Although the level of pressure on them doesn’t quite match what Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward experienced in 2017, they enter this season as the final pieces of the puzzle the Celtics have been trying to solve for years. It’s too early to draw any conclusions.

Regrettably, the last time the Celtics seemed this promising, Gordon Hayward suffered a devastating leg injury just five minutes into the season. The Boston Celtics are aware that history could repeat itself at any moment. Regardless of the outcome, Boston took significant risks this summer. Whether they achieve their objectives or not, Porzingis and Holiday have already demonstrated that the gamble was worthwhile.


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