Before the FA Cup match, Sunderland decorated a bar with Newcastle United signage. They apologized for that

Sunderland have apologised for a “serious error in judgement” after a bar at the Stadium of Light was redecorated with Newcastle slogans.

The FA Cup third-round match signage was put up for the away fans’ use at the Black Cats Bar on Saturday.

Images had been circulating before the Tyne-Wear derby, including a sign that said “keep the black and white flying high”.

Sunderland apologise for decorating bar with Newcastle United signage  before FA Cup tie - BBC Sport

In a statement, Sunderland said the bar would “return to its original state”.

“The club’s ownership group and board of directors share our apology to the fans for the reasonable concerns they have expressed in response, and they have asked that an immediate investigation be conducted to ascertain how this process transpired.

“A direct decision has also been taken by the ownership group and board of directors to return the space to its original state and we once again apologise to our supporters that this was not addressed sooner.”

More pictures of the bar, which is being utilized as a place of hospitality for Newcastle supporters, revealed other posters that said things like “we are united” and “cheer up Peter Reid,” which was a reference to a song that Magpies supporters were singing about the former Sunderland manager.

‘This will be mentioned in 50 years’ time’

Former Sunderland striker Marco Gabbiadini called the gaffe “embarrassing” in an interview with BBC Radio Newcastle.

“We’ve got a group who’ve taken over the club who you would think, after the last lot we’ve had, would have a bit more knowledge of how football works,” he stated.

“The board includes members from the area. We have exposed ourselves to this. The owner’s club was embroiled in one of the fiercest rivalries in French football with the club owned by his family. To be honest, I don’t think it’s real.

It’s awkward. In fifty years, Newcastle supporters will talk about this.”

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