Latest News: Detroit Confirm To Sign In Another Top Player

Compared to 2023, the Detroit Tigers bullpen appears to be in much better form. With Shelby Miller and Andrew Chafin joining the team, this pen should be far more effective than it was a season ago.

You can always improve, though. Scott Harris has acknowledged as much. Although this bullpen appears to be strong on paper, there is always room for improvement.

Why not enhance it by using the greatest reliever now on the market?

I should start by noting that I think there is extremely little chance that the Detroit Tigers will sign Josh Hader. Though I don’t think they do, it’s not impossible because they could if they really wanted to. Later on, I’ll discuss the reasons why.

Oh my, though, if Hader could be signed by the Tigers. In that case, this bullpen would rank among the best in the league.

Since 2017, Hader has dominated the majority of the time. Horrible, he has a career K/9 over 15. He has occasionally struggled with walks, but over the past few seasons, he has been among the finest left-handed relievers in baseball, if not the best.To start, Hader is supposedly looking for a contract bigger than Edwin Diaz’s deal that the Mets signed him to previous winter. For those who don’t know, following the 2022 season, Diaz inked a five-year, $102 million contract with New York. That’s around $20 million annually for a pitcher who will only play in 70–75 games. I mean, I’m the “spend money” person, and that’s not exactly wise spending.



It’s likely that Harris holds the same opinion. It is extremely dangerous to give a relief pitcher a big salary, especially because relievers vary so much from season to season. After all, in 2022, Hader’s ERA was 5.22. Although he was outstanding in almost every other season, that one poor year does stand out and might happen again.

Although it’s not likely, I would love to see in the Detroit Tigers’ bullpen for the next five years or so. Still, we have the ability to dream.


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