ESPN News: Josh Allen’s Makes Another shocking revelation about shoulder injury

Bills: Josh Allen’s startling disclosure on his shoulder injury
Josh Allen, quarterback for the Buffalo Bills, claims that the majority of the 2023 campaign was spent playing through discomfort.

Josh Allen, the quarterback for the Buffalo Bills, is disclosing more details about how an injury he sustained this season damaged his shoulder. According to ESPN, Allen claims that the impact of the injury prevented him from throwing the football the way he wanted to.
During the season, Allen suffered a shoulder injury in a game against the New York Giants in week six. According to Allen, the discomfort persisted all year long until the final month of the campaign. Although the gunslinger is renowned for persevering through discomfort, his shoulder prevented him from using his regular throwing technique.

The Bills concluded the 2023 season losing to the Kansas City Chiefs at home in the AFC Divisional Playoff Round. It was another AFC playoff loss at the hands of the Chiefs. Now, in the AFC Divisional Round or Championship game, the Bills have fallen short against the Chiefs three times in the past four years.

According to ESPN, the team is $52 million over the salary cap, thus the franchise needs to shed some salary this summer. In order to offset that financial number, the Bills will have to part with some talent during the summer. Josh Allen will undoubtedly want the Bills to retain as much talent in western New York as possible so they can try again in the AFC playoffs.

The Bills have a limited amount of time to overcome their setback and return to the Super Bowl. Since the Bills’ illustrious run in the early 1990s, when they lost four Super Bowl games to the Washington Redskins, New York Giants, and Dallas Cowboys, the franchise has not made it to the championship game.

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