“I Will Leave For Him To Play” Texas Longhorns Star Confirm He Will Leave If Quinn Ewers’ Return

In the wake of Quinn Ewers’ return, should Arch Manning leave the Texas Longhorns? Eli Manning Makes a Statement
Since Quinn Ewers will be rejoining the Texas Longhorns in 2024, Arch Manning will play as the team’s backup quarterback and won’t be a starter for another year. Having said that, there have been numerous requests for Peyton and Eli Manning’s nephew to change schools.

Eli, however, would advise the young person to continue with it if you ask him if Arch ought to transfer to another program where he can begin.
Quinn Ewers will begin for the Texas Longhorns. Prior to Arch Manning
Following the recent confirmation by Longhorns head coach Steve Sarkisian that QB Austin Ewers will start for the team in 2024, there was renewed discussion about Manning’s move.

Ewers had the option to return for his junior year rather than declare for the NFL Draft and become a professional. Sarkisian indicated he’s beginning over with that statement.
“Quinn will start for us. I believe it was significant for Quinn. I believe that Quinn’s growth from year one to year two was rather obvious to the unaided eye. Quinn wasn’t, in my opinion, quite ready yet. According to the Austin American-Statesman, Sarkisian stated of Ewers, “And I think there is plenty of room for growth, improvement, and development in his game going into year three.”
The decision to start Ewers over Manning is not surprising. Ewers simply has more experience and is better acquainted with Sarkisian’s approach, even though Manning is undoubtedly gifted and capable of managing his own team.

Ewers played in 12 games in 2023 and finished with 3479 yards and 22 touchdowns on 69.0 percent throw completion.

Eli Manning Doesn’t Believe Arch Manning Needs to Move
Eli Manning, however, firmly believes that Arch Manning doesn’t need to move to a program where he can start right away and get the experience he needs to be ready for the pros. This was his response to the question.

The former quarterback for the New York Giants underlined that Arch chose to sign with the Texas Longhorns because he is pleased with both the group and Sarkisian’s coaching staff. Eli added that his nephew, who would be a backup quarterback, ought to seize the chance to study more and get ready both intellectually and physically.
Not at all. Since he wants to be in Texas, that is why he chose it. He wants to play football there. According to CBS Sports’ Zach Gelb, Eli expressed his admiration for Coach Sarkisian, his offense, and their current approach.

“He was aware last year that he would receive some playing time and redshirt. Of course, it was possible that Ewers would join the NFL, but he’s already there. Arch will continue to grow as a person, learn how to run an offense, develop stronger and bigger in the weight room, and always be ready to play. You can never predict what will occur.
In light of Ewers’ comeback, it is unclear what Arch will actually accomplish. But for the time being, he’s still a Longhorn, and it seems like that will never change.

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