Breaking News: Georgia Bulldogs Confirm the departure of another experienced star

The Buccaneers acquire another astute addition by bringing on “well-regarded.” Georgian instructor
It’s no secret that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have a lot of work ahead of them in the offseason, but Liam Coen’s offensive staff augmentation is something that many are overlooking.

Furthermore, by all accounts, Coen is performing admirably.

He recruited Brian Piccuci earlier this week to assist in rebuilding the offensive line, luring him away from his former haunts in Lexington. It’s one of the more difficult jobs the Bucs will have this offseason because, in addition to having to coach out two years of mediocre to terrible play, there’s a good chance the front line will be filled with a number of new players.

The goal of hiring Picucci is also to improve the Buccaneers’ run game, which, despite Rachaad White’s explosiveness, was among the worst in the league the previous season. In order to create opportunities for players like Chris Godwin and Mike Evans, the Bucs were working extremely hard to establish the run game. Coen is keeping this in mind with another absolutely fantastic acquisition he made.

The Buccaneers acquire another astute addition by bringing on “well-regarded.” Georgian instructor
Following the appointment of a former colleague at Kentucky, Coen returned to the collegiate levels to select Bryan McClendon, the wide receivers coach for the Georgia Bulldogs, for the same position. It’s not a very clear move,


Brad Idzik, who left to work as Dave Canales’ offensive coordinator for the Carolina Panthers, is replaced by him.

While McClendon may not be a household name among casual viewers who tune in on Saturdays, all the information that has surfaced about the hire points to it being another wise choice. He’s been called a “well-regarded” and highly esteemed member of Kirby Smart’s Athens coaching staff.

McClendon has worked at Georgia, where he played collegiate basketball, in addition to other appropriate locations, such as South Carolina and Oregon. After being prepared to move to Miami and take on the role of co-offensive coordinator, he returned to Georgia in 2022 to assist the Bulldogs in winning a national championship.

All of it shows that McClendon has the potential to become a rapidly rising star in the NFL coaching scene, in addition to bringing experience to assist improve the Bucs passing game. He’ll be working with Chris Godwin (and probably Mike Evans) and nurturing Trey Palmer into a future WR3; he’ll be in a prime position to try and leave his imprint.

Although Coen is still new to the position of offensive coordinator for the Buccaneers, everything he has done thus far points to his being the ideal candidate for Tampa Bay.

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