Buffalo Bills Confirm As Landing Spot For Experienced NFL Man

The Bills have named the former first-round defensive end’s landing spot.
For the second year in a row, Buffalo Bills general manager Brandon Beane issued the same caution to supporters over the offseason: don’t expect the cap-strapped team to make any bold free agency acquisitions.

Derek Barnett, a former first-round defensive end who had a stellar 2023 season, is a valuable but reasonably priced acquisition that the Bills might yet be able to locate, according to one insider. The Bills will probably need some assistance at the defensive line since they anticipate losing a number of important defense players this summer. According to Alex Ballentine of Bleacher Report, Barnett might be the ideal candidate.

Derek Barnett’s Unexpected Success
After being selected in the first round by the Philadelphia Eagles in 2017, Barnett was dismissed in November after averaging just over three sacks each season. Barnett had a good finish that might help him in free agency after the Houston Texans selected him off waivers, according to Ballentine.

“Barnett had a scorching finish to the season, helping the Texans win a wild-card game and advance to the postseason. He had 13 total pressures, eight QB knockdowns, and 3.5 sacks starting in Week 15, according to the Bleacher Report reporter.

Ballentine said that despite Barnett’s great 2023 season, his history with the Eagles and his 2022 ACL tear may make him a more cheap free agent.

Barnett has always been a reliable run defender despite his lack of success in the pass rush. Ballentine stated, “He should be a front-of-mind target for anyone looking to add a cheap rotational player on the edge,” implying that the Cleveland Browns and the Buffalo Bills would be among the teams interested.

Buffalo Will Have to Make Hard Choices
Leonard Floyd, a standout defensive end, is one of the major defensive players for the Bills who will be available for free agency. With a one-year contract that included $7 million in guaranteed money, the veteran pass rusher was a steal for the Bills. He went on to have a career-high 10.5 sacks and 32 total stops.

Despite being a free agent when he signed with the Bills in 2023, Floyd stated that he will not be returning to Buffalo for the upcoming campaign.

“I always follow the money,” says me. It’s unfortunate, but I would prefer to be here. It’s an enterprise. Floyd stated following the season’s conclusion, as reported by the Democrat & Chronicle, “I’m going to go wherever my agent feels like we get the most the most money from.”

Von Miller, who had trouble contributing in the pass rush following his comeback from an ACL tear, is another player the Bills are hoping can have a strong season. Miller finished the regular season with just three total tackles in 12 games without a sack, but he steadily improved in the postseason.

Following the season, Beane expressed optimism that Miller would return to full strength by 2024.

According to Beane, “I think it was trending up as the year went on.” “I thought he actually played pretty well in the run game the other night, outperforming any pass rush opportunities that presented themselves.” However, our medical staff says that you saw that explosiveness return, and that should only get better.

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