Breaking News: Buffalo Bills Confirm In Talk To Let Another Star Leave

The Buffalo Bills are facing salary cap challenges that may necessitate parting ways with star wide receiver Stefon Diggs and his significant contract.

Despite Diggs’ continued importance to the team, Buffalo might consider trading him to capitalize on quarterback Josh Allen’s prime and address financial constraints. The New York Giants have emerged as a potential destination for Diggs, with columnist Colum Dell suggesting that Diggs’ underwhelming second half of the season and his 2024-25 salary could prompt Buffalo to make a move.

Dell proposes that the Bills should plan for Diggs’ departure in the 2024 NFL Draft and potentially trade him after June 1 to maximize salary cap savings.

The Giants, in need of a true No. 1 wide receiver, might be willing to take on Diggs’ high-risk, high-reward situation, especially considering his success under Giants head coach Brian Daboll when Daboll was Buffalo’s offensive coordinator. Dell suggests a trade package centered around the Giants’ 2025 second- and third-round picks could appeal to Buffalo, making this a situation worth monitoring.

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